Privacy and cookies

We are committed to protecting your privacy and keeping you informed of how your information is used.

Use of cookies by the Everyday Heroes website

A cookie is a text file written by your web browser to your computer or device’s hard disk or solid state drive (SSD). They are used by websites for purposes such as authentication, content personalisation, usage tracking and advertising.

The Everyday Heroes website makes limited use of cookies. These are detailed below.

Necessary cookies

Some cookies are placed on your browser to ensure that the Everyday Heroes website delivers you information securely and optimally. You must accept these cookies to be able to make use of some of our online systems and functionality.

Cookie Cookie name(s) Data stored Purpose When does it expire?
WordPress test cookies wordpress_test_cookie The string “WP+Cookie+check” This cookie is used by WordPress to test that cookies are enabled on your browser When you log out or when you close your browser.
WordPress session management cookies wordpress_logged_in_{x}, wordpress_sec_{x} {x} is the username appended with random characters Essential WordPress session management cookies for logged-in users. When you log out or when you close your browser.
WordPress management cookies wp-settings-{number}, wp-settings-time-{number} editor%3Dtinymce, {random number} WordPress management cookies to maintain user settings, preferences and enable core site functionality. 1 year
WordPress admin/editing cookies wp-saving-post {post number}-saved WordPress writes then deletes this cookie when a logged-in user edits content then saves/publishes. Around a minute after save has completed.
WordFence wfwaf-authcookie-{random characters} wfwaf-authcookie-{random number} Set by the WordPress security plugin ‘Wordfence’. It is used to authenticate the user’s login request. After 12 hours.
GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin by Moove moove_gdpr_popup Remembers a user’s cookie preference. Where a user has previously indicated a preference, the said preference will be stored in this cookie. 1 year
University Media Hopper service kms_ctamuls An identifier for the current session. This is a completely random string of letters and numbers. To be able to identify the session and know if a website visitor is logged in to the system. After the current session is over.

Disabling cookies and opting out

You can disable cookies so that your browser does not write them to your computer or other device. This page describes how to disable cookies on multiple browsers and platforms.